My Farm

On our farm we have cows, goats, chickens, ducks, cats, a dog, a horse, a donkey, and two lambs.  We have all Boer goats.  We had seven baby goats, but one died.  I was so sad.  Now we only have six baby goats.

First I will tell you about our cows.  We have seven cows, Mabel, Tristmus, Red, Tiny, Cony may, and Maria.  Mable is going to have a baby here soon.  She could have her baby any day now.  I'm so excited!!  Tristmus is the oldest cow we have.

Now I am going to talk about our horse and donkey. Our horse's name is Outlaw.Outlaw is brown and white.  Our donkey's name is Lightning.  

My cat's name is Feathers Marie Fluffypants!  She is gray with yellowish spots.  I also have a cat named Nala.  She is black with brown patches on her.

I also have a dog named Daisy Duke.  She is a yellow lab and we named her off of "Dukes Of Hazard".

I will tell you about our two lambs, Oreo and Snowy, now. They are both girls and very playful!  Oreo is black with a white head and Snowy is all white.


We are planning on buying more chickens for the fair.  I can't wait until we buy more chickens, because I love to play with them and feed them.  We got more bunnies, one is mine and one is my brothers.  We have five bunnies now. 

One of our bunnies finally had babies!  But we have the two girls together and we don't know who's babies they are so I am sharing them with my brother.  

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