Saturday, December 24, 2016


          A long time ago when my family first moved here, we got our first cow. One night it was storming and the cow was standing under a tree. the cow or the tree got struck by lightning and it had killed the cow.
         Well this year another cow got struck by lightning and killed. It was Mabel, my favorite of all our cows. She had a calf at the time and her calf was able to eat now but it wasn't growing as good as it should have been if it were still milking. But now it's better and as big as most the other calves.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Calving Season

One tip is if you have a big herd of cows is to make sure your bull is not in with your calves or next to cows when they are calving because they can sometimes go crazy and ram the calves if the mothers have not protected them the way they should. Right now we have had  five cows have calves but we still have a few left.
The reason I am saying not to let your bull in with your cows when they are calving because here at my house the bull was OK and we had it in with the calves and everything. But then this year we had a cow calving and were watching to make sure the calf was OK and that it got milk and everything. Well a few minutes after the calf was born the bull came over. He didn't want anything to do with the calf. He was knocking the baby around and at this point the calf can't even walk yet. So we have a family member go out there and chase the bull away from them. Then he kinda left them alone and we put him in the barn. So be careful because the bull could have killed the calf.