Boer Goats

The word Boer means "farmer".  Boer goats are the traditional color of red and white.  Traditionally a red head and a white body. Boer goats have floppy ears.  Boer is the most popular breed of goat.  Boer goats can be raised with cows and horses.  Boer goats are good meat producers.  Boer goat milk is high in protein.  Boer goats can be bred throughout the year.  The breed "Boer" comes from South Africa.  

When cutting or trimming the hooves, be sure not to cut them too short.  If you cut them too short they might bleed.  Trim any spots off of the hoof that are rotting or curled up around the foot.  The hoof goes like this toe, wall, sole, and heel.  When trimming goat hooves, be sure not to cut the sole just the wall.

When raising Boer goats, you need to know how to care for them.  Goats need a general amount of space to wander and play around.  However, all goats need shelter. A barn, hog hut, or a small building would be perfect for goats...and trim feet to make it easier for them to walk!

This paragraph is all about selling meat.  These goats were developed in the 1900's for meat products.  If you want to take it to the locker, that is fine or you could buture them yourself.  For prices, does are normally 150 and up and bucks are usually 250 and up.

If you want to raise the price of the meat your selling you can, but remember that people want cheap.  

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